Summer Outreach Programs

Learn wherever you are! The Schiele can come to you this summer.


Schiele-To-Go outreach experiences bring the collections and resources of The Schiele Museum right to your location, complete with a live science educator and all the materials necessary for a highly enriching experience for your summer group.

You supply the location, the audience, and the seating…The Schiele will bring the show!

Large Group Presentations

$300 per class.  Up to 100 participants

Animal Allies

Explore examples of unity and beneficial partnerships from the animal kingdom. Meet and greet a variety of creatures from the museum’s animal collection and explore their roles in the natural world.

*This presentation has been designed to support the American Library Association 2023 Summer Reading Program.

Young Explorers Meet the Animals

Preschool learners ages 2-5 will learn about what animals need to survive, where they live, and what makes them special through stories. songs, and crafts. Meet some friendly live animals and interact with interesting animal collections designed for preschool summer programs.

Things at the Beach

Discover fascinating facts about marine life by exploring items that wash ashore on our beaches. Investigate seashells, crabs, sharks, and seagulls. Learn where beach sand comes from, why ocean water is salty, and what causes waves and tides. This is the perfect program for a summer vacation! 

Small Group Presentations

$200 per class.  Up to 25 participants

Geology Rocks square-1

Geology Rocks! Gemstone Mining* 

Search for garnets, topaz, rose quartz, and other precious stones in our running water sluice that is set up in your parking lot. Participants use identification and sorting techniques to find, examine, and classify minerals. Treasure-seekers will keep the gemstones they find.

*This program needs to be held outdoors with access to running water (via hose) to operate the portable sluice.

Sponsored by Piedmont Lithium


Matter and Energy

Cool laboratory-style demonstrations illustrate the principles of matter, energy, sound, light, and electricity. Turn your students’ energy into a hands-on lab filled with experiments about the three states of matter, different types of energy, and what happens to matter when it’s affected by energy. 


Prehistoric Adventure

How do we know that there really were dinosaurs? Fossils can give us information about Earth’s past and bring to life a prehistoric world before we were here to see it. Explore fossils from the museum’s collection and learn about the amazing prehistoric animals that they represent. Find you own miniature specimens during a tabletop fossil hunt. 

Schiele Museum Field Trips

Consider a trip to The Schiele Museum as part of your summer enrichment program! Fantastic programs and awesome exhibits await groups of all ages. Highlights include wildlife exhibits, the James H. Lynn Planetarium, dinosaurs, The Farm, live animals, and the Catawba Indian Village.

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For questions or reservations, please contact our Group Scheduling Coordinator at or 704-854-6676.