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Planetarium programs are available daily on a rotating basis. Visit the Tickets page for program times and availability. (Schedules are subject to change on special event days.)

Shows begin promptly at their scheduled times. Due to the planetarium’s dark environment, late admission or re-admission once a program begins is not permitted. Please arrive early to allow time for seating. Tickets are available online or at the door for $5 each (unless otherwise noted) and  purchases are non-refundable.

The Spring Sky Tonight

Now Showing Daily

Recommended for all ages

Discover the stars, planets, and other celestial events visible in the sky tonight. This program will give you the skills you need to find your way around the spring night sky. This interactive show is different every time, so sit back, relax, and see what’s up in The Sky Tonight!

One World, One Sky


Recommended for ages 2 – 8

Explore the night sky with Big Bird, Elmo, and a friend from China named Hu Hu Zhu! Learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun and the Moon. It’s the perfect introduction to space for our youngest astronomers and their adult star-guides.


Expedition Reef

Now Showing Daily 

Recommended for all ages

Dive into an undersea adventure! Discover how coral reefs grow, feed, reproduce, and support over 25% of all marine life on Earth – while facing unprecedented threats from climate change, habitat destruction, and overfishing. Narrated by Tony Award winner Lea Salonga.

Mars the Ultimate Voyage

Now Showing Daily

Recommended for all ages

On a two-year journey to Mars, astronauts will face extraordinary challenges—long distance, a closed environment, isolation, altered gravity, and radiation. What will it take to get them there and back safely? Explore NASA research and training initiatives preparing the next generation of astronauts who will head to Mars.  

Marte: El Viaje Definitivo

Sábados a las 3:30PM

En un viaje de dos años a Marte, los astronautas enfrentarán desafíos extraordinarios: largas distancias, un entorno cerrado, aislamiento, gravedad alterada, y radiación. ¿Qué se necesitará para llevar a los astronautas a Marte, y regresar, de manera segura?

Music Under the Stars: Pink Floyd

Saturday, July 27

Sit back and enjoy the Album Series Band cover the songs of two Pink Floyd albums, “Atom Heart Mother” and “Meddle” under the immersive planetarium sky with 360 degree graphics and LIVE music.



Atlas of a Changing Earth

Fall, 2024

The effects of global climate change are being felt across the globe. Dive into the dynamic processes causing coastal glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica to melt, and explores how rising seas could threaten coastlines the world over. See striking new images produced by satellites and supercomputers, revealing Earth at a degree of precise detail scarcely imagined a generation ago.

We Are Aliens

Fall, 2024

Explore how our understanding of life on Earth guides the hunt for alien life elsewhere in the Universe. We visit Mars, Europa and distant exoplanets to help answer the ultimate question… are we alone?