As the second largest planetarium in North Carolina, the Schiele Museum’s James H. Lynn Planetarium and Science Theater is home to an immersive experience unlike anything else in the area and is a “must-see” attraction during a visit to the museum.

Featuring a fully digital projection system that surrounds the audience with a domed, 360-degree screen, the James H. Lynn Planetarium can do more than simply recreate the night sky. Become immersed in every show as we surround you with the wonders of the universe – on earth and beyond! More than just a place for space, our Science Theater’s unique environment has featured programs in every discipline – from history to biology – and has hosted world-renowned musical acts, astronauts, and even weddings.


Planetarium Schedule
Click here to view the current program schedule. Please note: due to the planetarium’s dark environment, late admission or re-admission once a program begins is not permitted.


Science Comes aLIVE
Every show offered at the James H. Lynn Planetarium features a LIVE component that makes each program unique and allows you to be a part of the show! In our fully live presentations like “The Sky Tonight!” or during our StarTalks accompanying each feature film, come armed with questions and our knowledgeable presenters will help you to unlock the cosmos. Whether you just want to know what constellations are visible tonight, or if you are curious about the newest planets discovered around distant stars, the planetarium is your resource to explore the wonders that hide overhead.


Ticket Information
Tickets for planetarium programs are $5 per person unless otherwise stated (children 3 and younger are admitted free.) Tickets can be purchased at the Front Desk or by calling 704.866.6900. Each Schiele Membership includes a number of complimentary planetarium tickets. Click here to learn about membership.


Group Rates & Field Trips
The planetarium can entertain 152 visitors per program, making it an excellent activity for groups. Please contact Lana DuPont at 704.854.6676 in advance for information regarding group rates. Click here to learn about field trip options.