Community Run

Community Run

Donate until April 10th!

Community Foundation Run

The Community Foundation Run is an annual fundraising event for local nonprofits facilitated by the Gaston Community Foundation. On the day of the run, over 5,000 people come together for one of the biggest celebrations of community spirit and support in the county.

The Schiele Museum is proud to participate in this year’s Community Run on Saturday, April 1, 2023.

Run or walk on behalf of The Schiele! Designate the museum as your charity of choice.


After the run, visit The Schiele Museum booth for prizes, hands-on activities, and more.


Community Run
The Community Foundation Run is a tremendous resource for the museum. It provides great exposure for The Schiele in the community and allows us to share our mission and educational programs. Make your donations directly to the Gaston Community Foundation and designate The Schiele as your charity of choice. The museum is eligible for a matching gift from the  Gaston Community Foundation. For qualifying agencies, up to $10,000 of total dollars raised will be matched*.

Every gift counts! Make yours today!

 Donate on behalf of The Schiele Museum for the 

Community Foundation Run.

Donations are accepted until April 10th

We greatly appreciate your support!

*Dollars given to the Match Fund will be applied to the matching grant, which benefits ALL participating nonprofits. Dollars earmarked for certain nonprofits will go to the specific organization(s) named. For qualifying agencies, up to $10,000 of total dollars raised will be matched by a percentage based on a ratio of the total amount of dollars collected in the match pot compared to the amount of eligible donor contributions.