Schiele To-Go Outreach Programs

Educational Outreach Programs

Experience exciting and engaging programs that come right to your classroom!


The museum can travel! Bring the collections and educational resources of The Schiele Museum to your school or event. Our hands-on classes and grade-level presentations illustrate classroom lessons and support curriculum standards. 


Large Group Presentations

Assembly-style programs with a maximum attendance of 100. Programs can be adapted to meet the learning level of participants.  

$345 per presentation.

Meets curriculum for grades K, 1, 2, 4, 5, 8

Study the diversity of the animal kingdom and how animals use adaptations to survive in varying habitats. Program includes live animals and preserved specimens. 

Meets curriculum for grades K, 2, 4

Enter the world of people from long ago and explore how they lived. Students will learn about both the Catawba Indian culture and 18th Century European settlers and their influence on the world around them.

Meets curriculum for grades NC 2, 5, 6, 7 / SC 2, 5, 6

Explore matter and energy through dynamic experiments and demonstrations. Learn about the properties of matter and how matter is affected by different forms of energy.

Meets curriculum for grades 5, 7

Experience a forecast of hands-on demonstrations! Find out how air, water, sunlight, and gravity combine to create Earth’s weather systems through dynamic demonstrations. The museum educator comes to your facility and presents in a presentation-style setting.

Small Group Classes

Single-class programs for up to 30 students with guided, hands-on explorations. Most classes can be adapted to meet the learning level of participants.

$230 per class.

Meets curriculum for grades K, 1, 2

Meet some of our Animal Ambassadors and discover how animals work together. Explore symbiotic relationships and how humans learn from animals too!

Meets curriculum for grades 3, 5, 7

Investigate animal biology during this hands-on guided workshop. Dissect an animal specimen to identify the internal structures and organs.

Meets curriculum for grades 3, 4, 5

Investigate the biology of the human body while solving a mystery during this interactive workshop.

Meets curriculum for grades NC 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 – 12 / SC 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 – 12

Discover how animals survive and thrive in extreme environments by learning about their adaptations in different ecosystems

Special program for pre-K students

(20 participants per class)

Explore a special topic through stories, songs, and crafts designed just for children ages 2-5.

Meets curriculum for grades: K, 1, 4, 8

Explore the fascinating world of rocks, gems, and minerals! Use identification and sorting techniques to find, examine, and classify minerals. Treasure-seekers will keep what they find in this gemstone mining activity.

This program is held outdoors. Staff must have access to running water (via hose) to operate the portable sluice.

Meets curriculum for grades 2, 3, 7

Travel back in time to explore ancient creatures. Discover how they looked, lived, and interacted with each other by observing real fossils.  Students will dig into mini fossil material from the Carolina coast to test their paleontology skills.

Meets curriculum for grades K – 3

Explore everyone’s favorite fall fruit! Discover the history of pumpkins and their many uses across the world. Students can visit our portable pumpkin patch and pick out a small pumpkin to take home.

Available September – October

Outreach Displays

Guided tabletop displays and activities designed for curriculum nights, festivals, and special events. 

Themes:  Animals, American Indians, or Fossils.

$250 per 2-hour session.  $50 each additional hour.

Want to visit the museum with your group instead? Interactive presentations for all ages are available during your visit.

Take a field trip to The Schiele! 

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The Schiele Museum’s education programs address critical standards for public education. For specific curriculum standards met by our programs, questions or reserve a field trip or outreach, please contact our Group Scheduling Coordinator at or 704-854-6676.