Plant Sale: Taste of Summer

It’s cold outside but spring is on the way! Winter is a great time to start thinking about the fruits of summer. Our Farm staff have selected some excellent varieties for your garden. Start planning now by choosing from tomato and pepper plants that will be ready to transplant at the perfect planting time for an early summer harvest. 

Thank you for participating in this year’s plant sale. All plants are sold out!

Pick-Up Date:  Saturday, April 22*

Come to pick up your plants, stay to celebrate Earth Day at Flower Power!

*This date coincides with our region’s traditional last frost day and conditions are usually considered safe to plant peppers and tomatoes. Plant these varieties in late April and you can start harvesting the fruits of your labor in late June.


Nothing is better than picking a sun-warmed tomato from your garden – except taking that first bite from a juicy tomato sandwich.


Indeterminate plants grow taller and have an extended harvest season. 

Chocolate Cherry: SOLD OUT

Braveheart: SOLD OUT

Hybrid 46 Yellow: SOLD OUT

Jetsetter: SOLD OUT


 Determinate plants grow shorter, have a more concentrated fruit set, and need less pruning or support. 

Celebrity: SOLD OUT

Carolina Gold: SOLD OUT


Any way you slice them, peppers are a summer delight! Whether you’re seeking a sweet crunch or blazing heat, these peppers will tempt your taste buds.


Hungarian Wax: SOLD OUT

Cayenne: SOLD OUT

Jalapeno: SOLD OUT

Ghost Pepper: SOLD OUT


Playmaker Bell Pepper: SOLD OUT

Grenada Cubanelle: SOLD OUT

Sweet Banana: SOLD OUT

Witch Stick: SOLD OUT