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Paleo Project logo with T.rex


Artist Rendering of Exhibit hall entrance

Artist Mike Daikubara’s rendering of the exhibit entrance.

The Elizabeth Williams Robinson Hall of Dinosaurs at The Schiele Museum will present dinosaurs through engaging and dynamic exhibits featuring the latest information from the science of paleontology. The Tyrannosaurus Rex will make its return to star as the centerpiece of this new experience! 

Skeleton Drawing of T.rex dinosaur and Triceratops

Early plans for an exhibit in the Hall of Dinosaurs.

Here are some of the things to expect in the new Elizabeth Williams Robinson Hall of Dinosaurs:

    • A regional attraction showcasing your favorite dinosaurs (T.rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and MORE)
    • Educational programs that meet North Carolina & South Carolina school curriculums
    • Engaging interactives to encourage learning and repeat visits
    • Opportunities to work with educational institutions across the Southeast to share the latest research and discoveries in paleontology (Appalachian State University, McWane Science Center, and University of New Orleans)

This all adds up to an exciting experience for Schiele members, visitors, and our community.

Help us bring this exhibit to life!

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Donations to The Paleo Project will support the museum’s efforts to create an engaging and dynamic visitor experience, and a major attraction in the Southeast region.

Paleo Project Progress - $4 Million Goal

What happened to The Schiele’s T-rex? Find out!