Meet Wally the American Alligator!

Wally the American Alligator

You don’t need to be an investi-gator to know the story behind Wally! Due to his previous environmental conditions and a calcium deficiency, he has metabolic bone disease (MBD). This causes weakening of his skeletal structure. So, while most male American alligators grow 9 to 15 ft. long, Wally is fully grown at over 20 years old! This makes him our oldest Animal Ambassador!

Through a partnership with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and the Gaston County Animal Control, The Schiele’s animal care staff monitors Wally’s weight and length on a monthly basis to ensure his enclosure is the appropriate size for him and his disability. The animal care staff also includes additional care duties like brushing his teeth! Wally has the mind of an adult alligator and the animal care staff treats him with the respect and boundaries a fully grown alligator deserves. He enjoys basking under his heat lamp, pretending he’s a submarine, and his twice weekly feedings of mice and fish (with doses of calcium vitamin added).

You can find Wally on display in the Hall of North American Wildlife .


Another way to care for our Animal Ambassadors!

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Animal Ambassadors Mission

By providing a second chance at life to non-releasable and unwanted animals, The Schiele is able to provide education, inspiration and hope for the next generation.