Meet Patrick the Eastern Spiny Softshell!


Patrick is an Eastern Spiny Softshell. His species is found in Western New York to Western New Hampshire, South of Tennesse River, and Canada. Although Patrick’s age is unknown, he is AT LEAST 10 years old. He was named after a summer camp group. He is identified as a male, because of his tail. Patrick suffers from Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) that makes his shell curve upwards. MBD also makes Patrick’s shell more prone to bacterial infections. The animal care staff supplies’ Patrick’s enclosure with sand to flake off old parts of his shell.

Although it’s unknown when Patrick arrived at The Schiele, he was wild-caught by a civillian and donated. Since Patrick’s species is native and also threatened in North Carolina, the animal care staff keeps a special permit for his collection that renews yearly.

You can find Patrick in educational programs.

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Animal Ambassadors Mission

By providing a second chance at life to non-releasable and unwanted animals, The Schiele is able to provide education, inspiration and hope for the next generation.