Meet Hedwig the Eastern Screech Owl!



Hedwig is an Eastern Screech Owl commonly found in Eastern North America from Mexico to Canada. His exact age is unknown, but Hedwig is AT LEAST 10 years old. His diet consists of mice and chicks. The animal care staff tracks Hedwig’s food intake to ensure he is getting proper nutrition. They also train with Hedwig daily to practice jumping onto a gloved hand for educational programs. This limits stress for both Hedwig and the animal care staff. Hedwig prefers to be covered with a blanket on his temporary carrier when travelling to limit stress.

Hedwig arrived at The Schiele in May 2011. He was previously in the Carolina Raptor Center after being found hurt in Forsyth County. With closer examination, Hedwig suffered a fracture to his right humerus. This deemed him non-releasable as it prevents Hedwig from flying.

 You can find Hedwig on display in the Hall of North American Wildlife or in educational programs.

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The Animal Ambassadors Mission

The majority of the Animal Ambassadors at The Schiele come from rescue organizations or  people who relinquish exotic pets that would have been euthanized.  These animals are given a second change at life as they are not able to be released into the wild and survive on their own.  Our Animal Ambassadors on exhibit provide daily educational information to guests that visit The Schiele.  We also have a collection of Animal Ambassadors used entirely for educational programs that reach school groups of all ages and even families during special events.

Through our on-site and outreach education programs, students, children, and adults can meet a variety of animals from birds to snakes! The variety of animals that children can see up-close enhances their formal classroom instruction, inspires curiosity, and creates an enthusiasm for learning about the diversity and necessity of animals in the world.  This in turn has an even bigger impact as children learn how to protect these animals in their native habitats and become stewards of our natural world.  By providing a second chance at life to non-releasable and unwanted animals, The Schiele is able to provide education, inspiration and hope for the next generation.