Meet Ecco the Crested Gecko!

Ecco is a Crested Gecko and is endemic to South Province, New Caledonia, Isle of Pines, and Grand Terre. He’s hand-fed pangea, crickets and mealworms to receive the proper nutrition. Ecco suffers from Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD,) due to an improper diet in his past before he arrived at The Schiele. MBD causes Ecco to have a hunched back and a fragile tail. Ecco arrived at The Schiele in June 2015. He was donated through a civillian who needed to downsize their reptile collection.

You can find Ecco in educational programs.

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Animal Ambassadors Mission

By providing a second chance at life to non-releasable and unwanted animals, The Schiele is able to provide education, inspiration and hope for the next generation.