Meet Cha Cha the Cornsnake!


Cha Cha is a cornsnake commonly found in the Eastern and Southern United States. She is 7 years old and her diet consists of mice. Cha Cha receives plenty of calcium through these feedings, as well. 

Cha Cha was donated by a local snake wrangler who found her in someone’s home by the eastern coast. Her name comes from her odd snake behavior, as in backing up in an ‘s’ movement like she is dancing. Professionals believe Cha Cha’s crooked tail is due to kinking. Kinking in snakes can be caused by genetics and a lack of certain vitamins.

You can find Cha Cha on display in the Hall of North American Wildlife.

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Animal Ambassadors Mission

By providing a second chance at life to non-releasable and unwanted animals, The Schiele is able to provide education, inspiration and hope for the next generation.