Program Schedule

James H. Lynn Planetarium & Science Theater Program Schedule

Tickets: $5 per person, plus museum admission. Children 3 and younger admitted free. Please call 704.866.6900 to confirm the daily program schedule.


The Magic Treehouse: Space Mission

Monday – Saturday 11 AM & 3:30 PM

Sundays 3:30 PM

Travel with Jack and Annie, stars of the award-winning Magic Tree House children's book series, as they search for answers about space! Visit stars, planets, and even a black hole in this family-favorite show.


The Apollo Story

Monday – Saturday 12 & 2:30 PM

Sundays 2:30 PM

Free Tuesdays 5:30 PM (standard fees apply)

Fifty years ago this summer, Neil Armstrong took “one small step” onto the surface of the Moon as part of NASA’s Apollo program. Join us in celebrating this “giant leap for Mankind” as we explore what it took to get humans to the Moon!


The Sky Tonight!

Daily 1:30 PM

Lie back under the planetarium’s clear sky as we discover the stars, planets, and other celestial events visible from your backyard. Whether you are looking for the North Star and Big Dipper or seeking distant pulsars and galaxies, we will arm you with the tools necessary to find your way in the sky and discover the wonders that await. This live show is different every time, so stop back to see what’s up in The Sky Tonight!

All programs are subject to change. While we make every effort to present the shows as listed on our website and in our activities calendar, equipment issues may prevent their presentation and we may need to substitute shows. If you're planning to see a certain show, we recommend that you call our Reception Desk at 704.866.6900 to confirm presentation status.