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This all-new outdoor experience for visitors explores the natural, ever-changing relationships between people, plants, and animals on farms across the history of our region! Learn more about this interactive exhibit here.

Stone Age Heritage Site

Travel back in time when the stone tools our ancestors used were the cutting edge of technology. Walk among the standing stones, stone circles, earthen burial mound, rock cairn and petroglyphs that give insightful glimpses into our past.

Catawba Indian Village

Open seasonally, this interpretation of 400 years of Catawba Indian culture, adaptation and survival is a must see for visitors interested our region's rich heritage. Visit a prehistoric bark-covered house, council house and log cabins. The Catawba Indian Village is open Monday through Friday from 10 AM - 2 PM.

Dino Safari: A Prehistoric Adventure

Travel back in time on a journey through the Mesozoic Era – the Age of Dinosaurs.   See full-bodied models of incredible creatures that time forgot. Observe predators stalking an armored Stegosaurus and her calf, get eye-to-eye with a 15 foot tall Brachiosaurus, and stand in the path of a charging Triceratops. See dinosaur fossil specimens, enjoy hands-on exploration in the Dino Safari Lab, and find out how scientists unearth stories of this ancient world.
Please note that the Dino Safari Lab portion of the exhibit is currently closed.

Memorial Wildlife Garden

In this wildlife oasis, you can take advantage of the contemplative setting by escaping the rat race and settling into an environment authentically designed to provide food and shelter for the Carolina Piedmont's native species.

Nature Trail

All within a 0.7 mile trek, you'll experience a pine forest, mixed hardwood forest, and pond and stream communities typical of the North Carolina Piedmont. On our Trail for all Seasons, every day is a good day for a walk.

Henry Hall of the American Indian

Henry Hall of the American Indian Can you name the five major regions of North America? Do you remember the major tribal groups that so richly affected European settlers in the new land? Not to worry. Our collection of artifacts, housing, tools, weapons, ornaments and customs are beautifully unforgettable.

Hall of North Carolina Natural History

Have you ever seen a harbor seal... a teal, a heron, an egret or a coot? These three-dimensional dioramas depict the inhabitants and terrain of the North Carolina coastline, coastal plains, hills, Piedmont and mountain regions in all their diversity.

Hall of North American Wildlife

Get toe to claw, nose to gill, finger to stinger and eye to shank with wildlife at its finest. These dioramas give you true perspective on the size and scope of North America's bears, bison, moose and elk along with its other mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

Hall of North American Habitats

Experiencing these richly crafted dioramas is like being dropped in the middle of the continent's most dynamic terrain. Let your eyes lead the rest of your senses to the wonders of our ocean floors, the Everglades, the Sonoran Desert and the mighty Alaskan tundra.

Elizabeth W. Robinson Exhibit Hall

Creepy Nature is designed to share the actual science of weird and unusual plants and animals.  This exhibit features horror fiction concepts like vampires, zombies, mummies, and alien invaders! Discover the truth behind these mythologies as you follow the expedition of our hero through undersea perils, mysterious jungles, forbidding swamps, and an abandoned mine.  What lurks in these environments is stranger than fiction – it’s Creepy Nature!