Fossil February



Our annual one-day Fossil Fair (one of our longest running events) has morphed into an entire MONTH of activities!


Visitors are encouraged to explore the natural treasures from the earth including fossils, rocks, minerals, and the ancient stories these items tell through the variety of programs being offered throughout Fossil February! 


Choose from different programs offered throughout the week as well as daily fossil digs to get your fossil fix this month! Weekends will have the added bonus of having regional fossil-related vendors on hand to share their collection with you, and they’ll have some items are for sale too!


See program descriptions below of the various education programs. 
Download a calendar of the various programs being offered daily! Print your own calendar & keep track of your visits. Those who “connect four” will win a prize!

Fossil Feb Calendar (Download)

Fossil Feb Program Descriptions (Download)


Think you know all about our home planet? Test your knowledge of the Earth’s geologic history as you work with one another to complete a timeline that includes all of the blue planet’s most interesting geological and paleontological events!

Rocks Gems Fossils

Explore the basics of geology and paleontology as you learn how to identify gems, minerals, and fossils with hands-on activities.

Fossil CSI

Join our paleontological crime scene investigators as we learn about types of fossils, how they’re formed, and work together to solve the mystery of the fossil quarry.

Living Fossils

Some animals have remained unchanged over the course of history! Learn about these amazing animals and meet some of our own Animal Ambassadors that have adapted from fossils we still uncover today.

Paleo Art

Explore how science and art come together to bring pre-historic creatures to life! Join us each week for a different art project.


DIY Dino Pet – Make your own dino pet! We will use arts and craft materials to make a ferocious friend.


Dino Sculpting – Learn how to sculpt a dinosaur buddy.


Dino Sketch – Learn how to draw a dinosaur! See how to use simple shapes to achieve dino-mite results!


T-Rex Sketch – Do you love drawing? If you’ve got skills to hone, come draw some bones! We’ll be using an awesome reference — our T-Rex!

Mini Fossil dig

Participate in a hunt for mini fossils from the Carolina coast. Take home what you find from fossilized shells to shark teeth! Thanks to Carolina Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center for their support of the mini-fossil dig program!

Early Explorers

Learn about our planet, rocks & minerals, fossils and dinosaurs through songs, stories and crafts.  Different themed programs each week are designed especially for children ages 2 – 5!

2/2E is for Earth – Learn all about our home planet in this Earth themed program!
2/9F is for fossil – How are fossils made? What can fossils teach us? Learn the answer to all these questions and more this week!
2/16G is for gemstone – Rocks, minerals, gemstones -oh my! Join us as we explore the differences between each!
2/23H is for herbivores – Find out which of your favorite dinosaurs were herbivores in this Dino-mite program! 
Shale Fossil dig

All the way from Colorado, shale rock is the best material to find preserved fossils! Be the first to unveil a fossil preserved in the shale that hasn’t been seen in thousands of years!


Don’t forget to purchase your tickets in advance! Limited space is available for each program.



FOR Early Explorers: Click NC HALL

(updated 1/28/2021)

Each weekend a variety of vendors will be available to share their collections and some will be for sale!

Feb. 6th          Feb. 7th
* Shark Tooth Hunting on the Carolina Coast * Sara Durbin * Vickie Hodges * Stacy Lewis * * Sara Durbin * Vickie Hodges * James Mickle * Bunker Hill *
Feb. 13th Feb. 14th
* Sara Durbin * Bunker Hill * Shawn Healy * Ruffin Tucker * * Sara Durbin * Bunker Hill *

Feb. 20th

 Feb. 21st
*Robert Litaker * Shaun Shleton * Bunker Hill * Shawn Healy * Tony Bradley * * Shawn Healy * Tony Bradley *
Feb. 27th Feb.28th
*Victor Krynicki * Timothy Campbell * Stacy Lewis * ASU Geology and Environmental Sciences * 

* Tony Bradley *