Permanent Exhibitions

The Schiele Museum of Natural History has amassed a vast collection of artifacts and interpretive displays that make history and science accessible to the visitor.

Step into faraway places and times as you explore these exhibitions at The Schiele!

Please note the Elizabeth W. Robinson Hall is currently closed as we create something new!

Hall of North Carolina Natural History

Have you ever seen a harbor seal, a teal, a heron, an egret or a coot? These artistically crafted dioramas depict the inhabitants and terrain of the North Carolina coastline, coastal plains, hills, Piedmont and mountain regions in their incredible diversity.

Hall of North American Habitats

Experiencing the beauty and detail of the Hall of North American Habitats is like being transported to the middle of the continent’s most dynamic terrain. Your eyes will lead your imagination to the wonders of our ocean floors, the Everglades, the Sonoran Desert and the mighty Alaskan tundra. Children and adults alike will leave with an appreciation for the majesty and diversity of life in our North American homeland.

Hall of North American Wildlife

Get toe to claw, nose to gill, finger to stinger and eye to shank with wildlife at its finest! These dioramas give you true perspective on the size and scope of North America’s bears, bison, moose and elk along with its other mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

Henry Hall of the American Indian

Can you name the five major regions of North America? Do you remember the major tribal groups that so richly affected European settlers in the new world and colonies? Not to worry if you’ve forgotten a few details because The Schiele Museum can bring you an unforgettable collection of artifacts, weapons, ornaments, tools, and housing that will remind you of the beautiful culture of the North American Native American.