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Highly skilled hunters, cats are considered the most successful mammalian carnivores. 38 species of modern cats have evolved from a rich ancestry that extends 30 million years into the past. Even though they vary tremendously in size, build and coat appearance, cat lifestyles are remarkably similar across environments. Cats can survive in nearly every habitat from the Sahara Desert to the outskirts of Antarctica, whether they are cared for by people or not.

Cats Untamed dives into the natural science of family felidae, tracing their evolution through the fossil record and examining their modern role as apex predators across much of the terrestrial world. The goal of our exhibit is to explore biological concepts surrounding cats, including their taxonomy, physiology, behaviors, adaptations and their function within modern environments. Special emphasis is placed on the relationships between wild cats and humans, focusing primarily on problems associated with loss of habitat that has put many species under incredible strain.

Cats Untamed is included with museum exhibit admission. 


Take a bite out of time!

Journey through time to the Mesozoic Era – the Age of Dinosaurs – as you walk among these full-bodied models and experience what life might have been like for these incredible creatures. Marvel at the sheer size of these prehistoric beasts and face off against a charging Triceratops or watch as the Deinonychus stalks its prey. Throughout the Dino Safari exhibit, you’ll see some of your favorite dinosaurs and learn about a few more of these spectacular beasts. You’ll also get to see actual dinosaur fossil specimens and casts from the Schiele Museum’s collection that help demonstrates how the science of paleontology provides clues about extinct ecosystems.

Dino Safari is included with museum exhibit admission.