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Dinosaurs never went to the vet and look what happened! The Schiele Museum is excited that our own dinosaurs will be "well cared for" by UrgentVet Pet Clinic. Dr. Jim Dobies, thefounder of UrgentVet,has partnered with The Schiele as the sponsor for the Dino Safari Lab as part of the latest exhibit to open at the museum.

As the culmination of the Dino Safari exhibit, theUrgentVetDino Lab is where imaginative play kicks in. This interactive “facility” will feature hands-on activities, a dinosaur egg incubator, simulated dig, and an observation tower for a close-up view of the Pteranodon in flight. Children will get to dress as UrgentVet LabTechnicians and let their imaginations runwild aspracticing veterinarians in thefield.

Many kids say they want to beveterinarianswhen they grow up, and Dr.Dobies was no exception. He got his first cat at 10 years old and trips to the vet solidified his calling.  He was fortunate to be able to intern with his own vet at the time, working on Saturdays with Dr. Warden during morning appointments and going with him in the afternoons out on farm calls.  From childhood to vet school - including a 2 year stint working at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, Dr. Dobies has a life rich with animal experience at work and at home.

Not content with a dog or a cat, Dr. Dobies has three dogs and two cats – not to mention three boys.  The glue that holds them together is – Judy – wife, mother, marketing guru, sales director, manager of chaos.  A native of Gaston County, Judy has introduced him to life in the Piedmont and is what has kept him here. They both share a special affinity for The Schiele Museum, as we are part of their story. They came to the museum on their second date which gave them the chance to walk through the exhibits and the grounds.  It was a way for them to get to know each other and see some cool things along the way.  Years later, they still look back fondly on their beginnings with The Schiele and were excited to be able to connect to the museum in this new way.  

Dobies Family 2017

Dinosaurs are one of those subjects that are 1. Pretty awesome regardless how old you are, and 2. Almost a “must” if you have kids – especially boys.  The Dobies know a thing or two about dinosaurs with their boys Tommy (13), Huston (10) and Leo (3) to help educated them.  Those kids are an important part of the UrgentVet story too - without them- UrgentVet might not even be here today.

UrgentVet is one of those great ideas that when you think about it – you wonder why ithasn't been done already. The inspiration forUrgentVet came from Dr. Dobies' own experience with a medical emergency, and it's one of those moments that you don't forget. In2014, Dr. Dobies contracted the hand-foot-mouth virus from his son. When his own doctor wasn't available and with the realization that going to the ER could get pretty expensive, he ended up going to Urgent Care. In 30 minutes, he was seen, treated and well on his way to feeling better. The light bulb went off as he realized that as a pet owner, that option was notavailable for his pets. He thought of those little emergencies that happen – that aren't severe and itusuallyhappens when your own vet isclosed... and voila!  UrgentVet was the answer to getting the attention and care that your pet needs while giving you peace of mind.

From that first inspiration, it took a year and a half to get the first location opened in Belmont in November 2015 and in January 2017 their second location opened in Rock Hill.  Clients drive from around the region to get their cats and dogs treated when most places are closed, and they and their pets get to feeling better sooner.


If only the dinosaurs had someone as attentive as Dr. Dobies and UrgentVet to care for them!  


To find out more about UrgentVet, visit their website at


Dr. Dobies with the fill in vet at the UrgentVet Dino Safari Lab

Dr. Dobies with the "Dino Vet." 

Look for the vet in the
UrgentVet Pet Clinic Dino Safari Lab
when the exhibit opens June 17th!