Director's Trip to Norway


Schiele Museum Director's Trip

The 2017 Director's Trip will be a seven day voyage to explore the coast of Norway from aboard Hurtigruten's MS Nordknapp March 17 through 27. Our voyage will start above the Arctic Circle in Kirkenses meandering southward to Bergen. Along the way, the ship will stop in 34 ports, and we will travel through some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. The MS Nordknapp can travel deep into the Norwegian fjords for panoramic views and visits to scenic fishing villages. The MS Nordknapp is not a traditional cruise ship. In addition to carrying passengers, the Hurtigruten ships help move freight and provide car ferry service to people living along coastal Norway. Stops in the coastal villages will give travelers a chance to experience authentic Norwegian culture and local food.

Chasing the light – the Aurora Borealis

The northern lights are a natural phenomena that occur when the solar wind is strong and electrically charged particles [electrons and protons] from the sun hurl toward the Earth. The collision of these particles with gases in the Earth's atmosphere creates magical, moving ribbons of light. The northern lights can vary in shape, strength, and color. March should be a great time to witness this incredible light show across the polar night.


Trip Highlights

• The North Cape, between Kjollefjord and Honningsvag, is the northernmost point on the continent. The North Cape is an impressive sea cliff that rises 1,000 ft above the sea. The North Cape is 1,250 miles from the North Pole.


Click here to view images from the MS Nordkapp's port side webcam

Travel updates as of March 23: 

SchielePhotoResizer a 21

Arctic Sunrise en route to Norway

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At the Oslo Viking Ship Museum

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Kirkenes Airport

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Kirkenes Airport 

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Bear at Kirkenes Airport 

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Ice Hotel

SchielePhotoResizer b 3 Ice Hotel

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Ice Hotel

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Departing on the MS Hurtigruten








Before Polar Plunge to raise funds for Rotary International's End Polio Now program

To learn more about the program, visit here:


Polar Plunge


Polar Plunge


Polar Plunge





Medical Church

Medieval Church