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Scavenger Hunt
Hints, Clues, Questions and Adventure!
Coming to the museum will be awesome no doubt. But what about spicing up your trip with a scavenger hunt of your own making?! This is how it works. Check out the special list of clues we've devised for you. Print out your favorites. Arrive at the museum and the minute your feet hit the ground get your exploration on like Indiana Jones!
  1. Find the deer foot inkwell.
  2. Find the Navajo bear claw ring.
  3. I hold weapons and a person does me when they're cold. Find me. What am I?
  4. I'm the chunkey stone. Find me and tell me what I'm used for.
  5. I'm the Harbor Seal. Find me and name the region where I reside.
  6. I'm in the wetlands and sometimes old men are called my name. What and who am I?
  7. I like water, have a large and small mouth and I am native to North Carolina. What am I?
  8. I'm the red fox and can be found in at least two different regions. Find me and tell me where I am.
  9. When looking for the Gray Wolf and/or the Timber Wolf, are you looking for one kind of wolf or two? Find us and tell us.
  10. One has more impressive horns and one looks more like a particular mountain goat. Can you tell me which is which? Find the Dall's Sheep and the Bighorn Sheep.
  11. I am the product and the process of smoothing and setting stones. Find me to discover what I'm called.
  12. We encountered America from a far away land 15-20,000 years ago. What are we called and where did we come from?
  13. I'm the prehistoric period that existed 144-66 million years ago. Find me and tell me my name.
  14. I'm that particular mountain goat that looks a little like the Dall's Sheep or the Bighorn. What region am I in?
  15. Find your three favorite minerals and crystals and tell me their names.
  16. An artificial reef can form on me. What am I?
  17. Explore the touch tank. Can you find lightning welk.
  18. When you hear my rattle, you better stay away. Around these parts, I can only be found near Crowder's Mountain. Who am I?
  19. Go to the Henry Hall of the American Indian and find a guardian of the pueblo.
  20. I hang out with egrets, spoonbills, storks and anhingas. Where would you find me?