Now Showing in the JLP


Now Showing in the JLP 

Tickets: $3 for all visitors, plus museum admission.  Children 3 and younger admitted free.

All programs are subject to change. While we make every effort to present the shows as listed on our website and in our activities calendar, equipment issues may prevent their presentation, and we may be forced to substitute shows. If you're planning to see a certain show, we recommend that you call our Reception Desk at 704.866.6908 to confirm presentation status. We apologize in advance for any problems our substitution policy may present.


Grossology and You
Saturday 2 & 3 PM
Sunday 2 & 3 PM
Tuesday – Friday 4 PM
Join Noreen Neuron, host of the "Personal Universe" game show, as she leads us through a competition to decide which body system is the best and brightest. Will it be Scabby, the immune system, Boogie, the respiratory system, or Flatus, the digestive system? Laugh and learn as these animated characters explore the inner workings of the human body!


Grossology Trailer from Spitz Inc on Vimeo.

From the Earth to the Universe
Tuesday - Friday 2 PM
Saturday 11 AM & 1 PM
Sunday 1 PM
The night sky, both beautiful and mysterious, has been the subject of campfire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as there have been people. Yet only recently have we truly begun to grasp our place in the vast cosmos. Go on a journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today's grandest telescopes. Revel in the splendor of various worlds, scorching stars, and the unimaginable immensity of a myriad of galaxies.

Winter Sky Show
Saturdays & Sundays 4 PM
Explore two fascinating topics in one science theater program. First, explore the constellations of winter in a seasonal stargazing tour of the night sky. Then, embark on a journey to the center of the Milky Way to a black hole consuming anything that strays into its path during a trip faster than the speed of light.