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Dino Safari 

Journey through time to the Mesozoic Era - the Age of Dinosaurs - as you walk among these full-bodied models and experience what life might have been like for these incredible creatures. Marvel at the sheer size of these prehistoric reptiles and face off against a charging Triceratops or watch as the Deinonychus stalks its prey. Throughout the Dino Safari exhibit, you'll see some of your favorite dinosaurs and learn about a few more of these spectacular beasts. You'll also get to see actual dinosaur fossil specimens and casts from the Schiele Museum's collection that help demonstrate how the science of paleontology provides clues about extinct ecosystems. 

Pirates Lair

Young mates set sail on a self-guided pirate voyage aboard our miniature pirate ship, the Adventure, at anchor in the Explorer’s Outpost.  Children can  learn and play at their own pace with engaging activities and colorful characters that bring the Caribbean pirate experience to life. 

The Catawba Village

Open Seasonally

Discover 400 years of Catawba Indian history as your explore replicated structures that reflect the life and culture in the Carolina Woodlands.