Our Carolina Sky


August 3rd @ 7 PM

The night sky above the Carolinas is constantly changing; have you ever wondered what lies overhead?  Join us the first Friday of each month to discover how our sky has changed and to stay up-to-date with the newest space missions and discoveries. Take a live tour of the current month’s constellations and explore various topics ranging from the earliest history of astronomy to the latest advancements in the field. This monthly program series is hosted by James H. Lynn Planetarium & Science Theater Director, Will Snyder. $5 per person 3 years and older. Does not include museum admission. Program lasts about one hour. 

The August 3 installment will highlight the sights and events that fill this month’s night sky. As we approach the middle of summer, we prepare for what will likely be the best meteor shower of the year! The annual Perseid meteor shower brings an excellent opportunity to spot shooting stars throughout the month of August. We’ll arm you with the where’s and when’s to catch this cosmic show. In addition to our shooting stars, August brings the first of our water zodiac signs rising after sunset. Check in on the Summer Triangle and find out which planets we can spot this month as we discover these sights and more that await in “Our Carolina Sky.”