Opossum Meet and Greet

Opossum Meet & Greet

Saturday, January 20

1 PM - 3 PM

Join us at The Schiele to learn about this misunderstood creature.  Learn about all their amazing adaptations, how they are helping humans, and gain an appreciation for opossums.  There will even be a chance to meet and take photos with Avery, our animal ambassador opossum!

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Lions & Tigers & Bears:  Through the Lens with National Geographic

Though they are extremely powerful, lions, tigers, and bears need not be feared as Dorothy and her friends famously did along the Yellow Brick Road. Rather, these majestic predators deserve our respect, care, and protection.

Featuring multi-year coverage from National Geographic photographers Michael “Nick” Nichols, Steve Winter, and Paul Nicklen, this exhibition attests to the wildness and beauty of lions and tigers and bears.

*Opening Saturday, February 3rd 2018

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Blue Moon Party

Wednesday, January 31st  6-9 PM

A blue moon is the second full moon in the same month.  Enjoy an evening of programs and activities in celebration of this rare occasion.  Enjoy a planetarium show, explore museum exhibits, and peer at Earth’s natural satellite through the lens of a telescope. 

6-7 PM: Explore the museum to visit interactive science demonstrations taking place throughout the building.
7 PM: head into the planetarium for a live program!
8 PM: a telescope viewing of the moon and other sights will begin outside (weather permitting).

$5 Museum Members / $7 Nonmembers