Schiele Escape: Artifact Recovery

The Schiele Museum is on red alert! A precious artifact has disappeared from one of the museum's collections and The Schiele needs your help recovering it. Do you have what it takes to retrieve the artifact before it’s too late?

Gather your friends for an immersive experience filled with exciting challenges that are designed to test your creativity and problem-solving skills! In this thrilling adventure, your team will work together to solve a museum mystery by completing interactive tasks all while racing the clock. Discover hidden clues, decipher riddles, and make your escape before time runs out! Are you up for the challenge?



Join us for an escape game experience like no other. Schiele Escape: Artifact Recovery will be offered in sessions on the following dates:

  • Friday, January 18th & 25th from 5-9pm
  • Saturday, January 19th & 26th from 4-9pm

Sessions last approximately one hour. Please plan to check-in at the Front Desk 20 minutes prior to your start time. Once your experience begins, you will have 45 minutes to complete the challenges and make your escape. The experience is designed for teams of eight to participate in each session. Unless you book the entire session, you may be paired with other participants (but don’t let that prevent you from participating - you just might make a new friend!) Participants must be at least 12 years old, as the challenges can be difficult for children. Adult supervision is required.


Ticket Information:

  Purchase Tickets Online  

Or contact us at 704.866.6900 to purchase tickets. Advanced reservations are encouraged. For sessions that occur during regular museum hours, participants are welcome to explore exhibits at no additional cost.

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Thank you to our event sponsors:

Saturday, February 9th at 7PM

Gazing upon the night sky has long been a source of romance, but nothing ruins a romantic evening quite like the cold temperatures and cloudy nights. Bring your special someone and be guaranteed a clear view of the celestial sights that twinkle overhead in this romantic evening program. Join us in the James H. Lynn Planetarium for the many stories of love, loss, and lust that fill the evening sky and explore a variety of the sky’s most beautiful sights.

During this special date-night program, Planetarium Director Will Snyder will lead a guided tour of the many stories of love, loss, and lust that are immortalized in the stars above. From the heroic rescue of the maiden Andromeda by the warrior Perseus to the daring escape of Aphrodite and Eros, the Greek gods of beauty and love, enjoy timeless tales that have entertained generations of romantics at heart. In addition, find beauty throughout the universe as we gaze deeper into space, and find out if you should really love your spouse “to the moon and back.”

Tickets are $5 per person. “Love is in the Stars” will last approximately one hour.

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Our Carolina Sky

Friday, February 1st at 7 PM

The night sky above the Carolinas is constantly changing; have you ever wondered what lies overhead? Join us the first Friday of each month to discover how our sky has changed and to stay up-to-date with the newest space missions and discoveries.

Take a live tour of the current month’s constellations and explore various topics ranging from the earliest history of astronomy to the latest advancements in the field. This monthly program series is hosted by James H. Lynn Planetarium & Science Theater Director, Will Snyder.

This installment will highlight the sights and events that fill February's night sky, while catching stargazers up on the best events winter has to offer. The brightest star of the night, Sirius, glows in the southeast during sunset while the brightest planet, Venus, will take its place by the morning hours. Throughout the night, Orion the Hunter dominates the early evening sky, now accompanied by his two trusty hunting dogs – Canis Major and Canis Minor. Above Orion, the stars of Gemini the Twins twinkle softly and will be rising higher each night throughout February. Join us as we discover these sights and more in “Our Carolina Sky.”

Planetarium tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased at the door; children ages 3 and younger are admitted free. Does not include museum admission. Program lasts approximately one hour.

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Saturday, February 23rd from 10AM - 4PM

Travel back through time by exploring fossils, rocks, minerals, and the ancient stories they tell. Explore museum and fossil club displays and purchase interesting specimens from vendors. Mine for gemstones, visit our Dino Safari exhibit, search for tiny fossils from the Carolina coast, and meet some living fossils! Join us for a special presentation from Matt Borths, Curator of the Division of Fossil Primates at the Duke Lemur Center.

Schiele Members: $3
Non-Members: $3 in addition to museum admission

Please note: ASTC Passport Program reciprocals will not be accepted for this event. General admission plus the event up-charge will apply.


Thank you to our sponsor, Carolina Orthopaedic.


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