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General Information
Entering The Schiele Museum and being wowed is a perfectly natural phenomenon.
With a comprehensive collection of flora, fauna, minerals and fossils that make our environment the ecological treasure chest it is, visitors of all ages will enjoy a unique perspective on how we fit into the natural world that surrounds us.
Spectacular lifelike dioramas filled with live animals, mounted specimens, vegetation and land formations showcase an impressive collection of North American birds, mammals and reptiles as well as installations and interpretations of the history and present day lifestyles of peoples of the region and North America.
Whether visiting the Paleozoic sea or one of the Southeast's most diverse collections of rocks and minerals, it becomes crystal clear that the wonders of the natural world never cease, and that The Schiele Museum is the perfect place to discover them... over and over again.
Hurry. The dinosaurs are waiting.
For general inquiries about our exhibits, please contact our Head of Education, Tony Pasour.