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Calendar of Events
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April 2013 Events
Just imagine
Saturday – Sunday 1:30; Free Tuesdays (2nd Tuesday of the month) 7 PM; Free Fridays (4th Friday of the month) 3:30
Type: Planetarium
By combining science and imagination, we can see the universe in many different ways. Just imagine a sky full of stars and the pictures that can be found there. Imagine what life would be like if the Earth had no Moon or the Sun was a different star. Then, imagine the last days of the universe.
By Jove! A Look at Jupiter
Friday, April 5, 7 - 10 PM
Type: Special Event
Join us for a look at Jupiter as it gets ready to make its annual exit! Astronomers will be on site with their equipment trained on the King of the Planets and other celestial sights of interest throughout the evening. While you’re here, learn about how telescopes work and visit the James H. Lynn Planetarium for a special showing of NightWatch: The Universe from Your Back Yard. As always, this star party is weather permitting. $5 for all visitors.
Free Tuesday sponsored by Duke Energy - April
Tuesday, April 9, 4 - 8 PM
Type: Public Program
Enjoy an evening at The Schiele for free! All the museum’s exhibits and Nature Trail will be available for your exploration. At 5 PM you can hear a costumed interpreter talk about life in the 18th Century Carolina Backcountry. Don’t miss a special showing of Just Imagine at 7 PM in the James H. Lynn Planetarium.
Venomous or Poisonous?
Sunday, April 14, 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Discover the difference between venomous and poisonous animals. What is the purpose of venom and poison in animals? What are the medicinal uses of venom and poison? Find out about local venomous and poisonous animals.
Night in the Museum: Overnight Camp Ins for Scouts and Youth Groups
March 1 - 2; March 22 - 23; April 19 - 20; April 26 - 27; May 3 - 4; Friday 7 PM – Saturday 9 AM each event
Type: Student Workshop
Children’s groups can enjoy fun and enriching activities at the Schiele Museum after dark! Camp In events provide a unique opportunity to experience museum programs and exhibits during a fun, indoor camping adventure. Activity options allow you to customize your event to meet badge, patch, or pin requirements. A late night snack and breakfast are included. $30 per participant (2 adults free with a group of participants).Call 704-869-1033 to register.
Fishing In the Old Style
Saturday, April 13, 9 AM - 4 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
It’s Dan Beard meets Huckleberry Finn! Participants will create a set of angling gear appropriate for the backwoods fishing camps of old. The core of the kit will be a two-piece/take-down rod complete with period-appropriate guides, tips, hooks, floats, line, and sinker. A pocket tackle box completes the set. Participants will also manufacture “flies-on-the fly”combining basic components from the kit with woods-found raw materials. $50 Museum Members / $55 Nonmembers Contact Steve Watts at 704-866-6912
Thumbsticks, Crooks and Crowns
Sunday, April 14, 9 AM - 4 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
Add a bit of Edwardian elegance and classic class to your next tramping or hill walking adventure with a traditional British-style walking stick. Following a look at the history of these ancestral canes, participants will manufacture a wood/leather/antler composite example chosen from one of three historic types. $50 Museum Members / $55 Nonmembers Contact Steve Watts at 704-866-6912
Sustainability Luncheon
Friday, April 26, 12- 1:30 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
Enjoy a luncheon in the David Belk Cannon Environmental Studies Center. Our featured speaker is CJ May, the Recycling Coordinator for Yale University who will do a version of “Resourcery,” which speaks to professionals about the importance of their role in the creation of a new era of sustainability. This program is a must for all businesses that want to energize their work environment to become more sustainable.  Networking between professionals about coordinating sustainability efforts throughout the region will be an important aspect of the program. Please bring your business card and a friend! $15 Museum Members / $17 Nonmembers Call 704-854-6676 by April 12 to register
Ring World: Exploring Saturn
Tuesdays – Fridays 3:30 PM Saturdays 11 AM & 2:30 PM Sundays 2:30 PM
Type: Planetarium
Explore the mysteries of the magnificent planet Saturn, its moons and its enigmatic rings. Follow the Cassini probe on its three billion mile voyage to the outer reaches of the solar system. Narrated by John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox of “Star Trek: Enterprise”), this visually stunning program reveals the secrets of a very beautiful and distant world.
Bear Tales and Other Grizzly Stories
Tuesday - Sunday 1:30 Free Tuesdays (2nd Tuesday of the month) 6 PM Free Fridays (4th Friday of the month) 3:30 PM *Please note that we will not be having a 1:30 PM showing of Bear Tales and Other Grizzly Stories on Friday, August 14. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Type: Planetarium
Join Grandpa Ben on a family camping trip and hear lively stories about the night sky and its constellations. A fun, family-friendly presentation for all ages.