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Calendar of Events
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November 2013 Events
Two Small Pieces of Glass
Saturdays 11 AM & 2:30 PM; Sundays 2:30 PM; Tuesday – Friday 3:30 PM; Through November 27
Type: Planetarium
Learn how the study of the night sky has helped us understand our place in space and how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. See how telescopes and world’s largest observatories work. Explore Saturn’s rings, the Galilean Moons, spiral galaxies and learn about the discoveries of Newton, Hubble, Galileo other pioneers in astronomy.
Free Tuesday sponsored by Duke Energy - Dec. 13
Tuesday, December 10, 4 - 8 PM
Type: Public Program
Free Tuesday sponsored by Duke Energy
Mammal Safari: Journey of Discovery
May 18 - December 31
Type: Exhibit
Journey across the continents and discover the incredible story of the most complex and diverse animals on earth. Adaptable, sociable and intelligent - mammals are the most familiar group of animals. Amazingly, all 5,000 species of mammals share some fundamental characteristics. Appearing in the fossil record 200 million years ago, they have spread across the world and developed incredible ways to survive in a broad range of habitats, from forests to deserts, from the oceans to the poles. Our planet is now populated by all sorts of mammals that dig and swim, creep and fly, run and climb. Lions, tigers, bears and more! Go on a virtual mammal safari adventure across the globe. Meet live animals from around the world, see awesome mounted specimens from Africa, Asia, North and South America, and enjoy cool hands-on interactive exhibits designed to bring out the explorer in all of us. Mammal Safari is an original production of the Schiele Museum.
Animals from the Farm
Saturday, Nov 2, 10 AM – 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Meet some live animals at the Backcountry Farm. A small assortment of domesticated breeds of rabbits, goats, and sheep will be available for hands-on learning and exploration. Farm animal caretakers will be on site to answer your questions and guide your live encounters!
Free Tuesday sponsored by Duke Energy 11/2
Tuesday, November 12, 4 – 8 PM
Type: Public Program
Enjoy a late afternoon at the Schiele Museum free of charge! All the museum’s exhibits and Nature Trail will be available for your exploration. At 5 PM learn how animals prepare for the coming cold weather months in a special presentation of Animals in Winter. Don’t miss a special showing of Rudy & Roddy Visit the Planetarium at 7 PM in the James H. Lynn Planetarium.
A-Maizing Corn!
Saturday, November 16, 11 AM & 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Explore the truly amazing story of one of world’s most important foods. Follow the story of corn from teosinte to modern hybrid varieties. Learn how American Indian cultures harnessed this important crop. We’ll also discuss modern corn’s role in renewable energy strategies. Finish up by making a corn tortilla to enjoy! This program has been made possible by a generous grant by Lowes Foods.
Backcountry Harvest Day
Saturday, November 23, 10 AM – 4 PM
Type: Public Program
Join us for a Harvest Day Celebration – the 18th century version of our contemporary Thanksgiving. Visit the Backcountry Farm as skilled interpreters labor by open hearth and outdoor fires roasting, baking, and stewing a “grand Fare” of traditional delights. Watch as hunters make ready their firearms while swapping stories of the “ones that got away.”
Creatures of the Dark
Friday, November 29, 11 AM
Type: Public Program
Nocturnal animals are often feared and misunderstood by humans. Learn about the mysterious creatures of the dark and the amazing adaptations they have that help them stay active at night. Experience close encounters with live animals as you discover the truth behind the mystery.
Frontier Skills Workshop 2013
Saturday, November 2, 9 AM – 4 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
In the spirit of the early frontiersmen, join us for day of historical perspectives, intensive hands-on learning, new techniques for old skills, camaraderie and fun. Sessions include frontier fire, the uses of river cane, tool sharpening, and common purses and wallets. $50 Members / $55 Nonmembers Call 704-866-6912 for more information.
Homeschool Days 2013
Monday, November 11 – Friday, November 15, 10 AM – 11:30
Type: Special Event
Hands-on workshops especially for homeschool students! Our workshops are designed to help home school students learn important concepts in science by engaging in activities that are difficult to do outside of a regular school setting. Grades 1 -2: Dirt Made My Lunch Grades 3-5: 18th Century Lifeways Grades 6-8: Woodland Indians Call 704-854-6676 to register. Preregistration by November 1 required.
Season of Light
Showing December Only Saturdays 11 AM & 2:30 PM Sundays 2:30 PM Tuesday - Friday 3:30 PM
Type: Planetarium
Discover how many endearing holiday customs developed, and how they involve lighting up the winter season-from the burning Yule log and sparkling Christmas tree lights to the lighting of luminaries and the Hanukah Menorah.
Bear Tales and Other Grizzly Stories
Tuesday - Sunday 1:30 Free Tuesdays (2nd Tuesday of the month) 6 PM Free Fridays (4th Friday of the month) 3:30 PM *Please note that we will not be having a 1:30 PM showing of Bear Tales and Other Grizzly Stories on Friday, August 14. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Type: Planetarium
Join Grandpa Ben on a family camping trip and hear lively stories about the night sky and its constellations. A fun, family-friendly presentation for all ages.
Schiele Science Show
Thursday, December 26, 11 AM
Type: Public Program
This whirlwind program combines attention grabbing and thought-provoking demonstrations from the world of elementary science. From burning flames to sub-zero temperatures we will show visitors how science can be both hot and cool!