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Calendar of Events
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July 2014 Events
Nature Photography with Donald Brown
See description.
Type: Adult Workshop
Get in focus with this series of 3 nature photography workshops. All levels of photographers welcome! Learn basic skills, tips and tricks, and explore wildlife, landscape and plant-life with a professional wildlife photographer, Donald Brown! “For me, nature photography is the joy of viewing a beautiful flower through the viewfinder, the inspiration of a majestic scene coming into focus, the emotional connection made when the eyes of the subject make contact with mine through a telephoto lens.” Participants will be able to practice their new skills on photo excursions around the museum and nature trail. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera! Advanced registration is required for each workshop session. Session 1: Photography Basics and Plant Life Saturday, June 28 (register by June 13) Session 2: Landscape Photography Saturday, August 23 (register by August 8) Session 3: Wildlife Photography Saturday, October 11 (register by September 26) $65 Museum Member /$70 non-members per workshop Call 704-866-6910 for more information and to register.
Clash of the Bots V
Saturday, July 19, 10 AM - 7 PM
Type: Public Program
The robots invade the Schiele Museum! Join the excitement as robots play hockey and clash together in all-out battles of finesse and brute strength. Discover how robots are built and how robotics increasingly plays a beneficial role in society. $3 in addition to museum admission
Free Tuesday sponsored by Duke Energy - July 8, 2014
Tuesday, July 8, 4 - 8 PM
Type: Public Program
Enjoy a late afternoon at the Schiele Museum free of charge! All the museum’s exhibits and Nature Trail will be available for your exploration. At 5 PM, meet some of the Schiele’s animal collection and learn what they do to stay cool in the hot summer sun. Don’t miss a special showing of Hubble Vision II at 7 PM in the James H. Lynn Planetarium.
The Catawba Indians: People of the River
Sunday, July 13, 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Native American culture comes alive in this special presentation by Keith Little Bear Brown. Keith is a Catawba potter and storyteller dedicated to the preservation and practice of the traditional arts passed down to him from his grandmother and other elders of the tribe. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn of the history, the legends and the lore of the Catawba Indian Nation-The People of the River.
Born in the USA
Friday, July 4, 11 AM - 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Come learn about animals native to the United States of America during this family friendly program. Find out how you can help defend our home front from some pesky invaders and create a patriotic red, white, and blue flower masterpiece.
The Woodland Indians
June 9 - August 10; Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 AM & 2:30 PM
Type: Public Program
Visit the Catawba Village to discover how local American Indians used plants, animals, and even the earth itself to provide for tools, clothing, food and shelter.
Gemstone Mining
June 9 - August 10; Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Type: Public Program
Visit our gemstone mine to find mineral treasures like garnets, topaz, rubies, emeralds, and rose quartz. Participants keep everything that is found! $4 with museum admission.
Hubble Vision II
Tuesday – Sunday 1:30 Free Tuesdays 7:00 Free Fridays (the fourth Friday of each month) 3:30
Type: Planetarium
Take a fascinating tour of the cosmos from Earth orbit! Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has provided incredible images in unprecedented detail to astronomers, and made an astonishing array of discoveries – from nearby objects in the solar system to the most distant galaxies at the limits of the observable universe. This program features the best and most exciting Hubble images and reveals the cosmic secrets of planets, stars and galaxies.
Voice of the Night: American Indian Star Legends
Tuesdays – Fridays 11 AM & 3:30 PM; Saturdays 11 AM & 2:30 PM; Sundays 2:30 PM
Type: Planetarium
The night sky comes alive with the traditional stories and legends told by American Indians for centuries. Travel back through time and space to discover how common story threads represented by the heavens weave their way across time and cultures in this original production of the James H. Lynn Planetarium.
National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs
Opens Saturday June 28
Type: Special Event
National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs showcases some of the most compelling imagery published in the history of the magazine. This exhibit will transport visitors behind the lens of some of National Geographic’s most engaging images. From Steve McCurry’s unforgettable Afghan Girl, to Nick Nichols iconic photograph of Jane Goodall and chimpanzee, to Thomas Abercrombie’s never-before-seen view of Mecca, the exhibition features 50 of the magazine’s most-remembered and celebrated photographs from its more than 120-year history. Discover the stories behind these iconic images, and the photographers that captured them.
Movie Mondays Go Native
June 9 - August 18; Mondays 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Enjoy movies on the big screen in the museum’s auditorium. While Hollywood doesn’t always get the facts correct, we’re pleased to offer a rotation of family-friendly films with stories about American Indians. The movies are: June 9 - The Indian In the Cupboard June 16 - Pocahontas June 23 - Squanto: A Warriors Tale June 30 - Brother Bear July 7 - Ishi: The Last of His Tribe July 14 - Spirit July 21 - Pocahontas 2 July 28 - Tecumseh – The Last Warrior August 4 - Dreamkeeper August 11 - Brother Bear 2 August 18 - Wind River