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October 2014 Events
Nature Photography with Donald Brown
See description.
Type: Adult Workshop
Get in focus with this series of 3 nature photography workshops. All levels of photographers welcome! Learn basic skills, tips and tricks, and explore wildlife, landscape and plant-life with a professional wildlife photographer, Donald Brown! “For me, nature photography is the joy of viewing a beautiful flower through the viewfinder, the inspiration of a majestic scene coming into focus, the emotional connection made when the eyes of the subject make contact with mine through a telephoto lens.” Participants will be able to practice their new skills on photo excursions around the museum and nature trail. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera! Advanced registration is required for each workshop session. Session 1: Photography Basics and Plant Life Saturday, June 28 (register by June 13) Session 2: Landscape Photography Saturday, August 23 (register by August 8) Session 3: Wildlife Photography Saturday, October 11 (register by September 26) $65 Museum Member /$70 non-members per workshop Call 704-866-6910 for more information and to register.
Sky Quest
Saturdays & Sundays 1:30 PM
Type: Planetarium
Sky Quest is an exploration of the stars, planets and constellations told from the viewpoint of an astronomer. Share her lifelong fascination with the heavens - from her childhood adventures on Mars (via a cardboard rocket) - to the discovery of her “birthday star” that led her to become an astronomer and build her own mountain-top observatory. Narrated by Roxann Dawson (of Star Trek: Voyager), this program introduces the wonders of astronomy to people of all ages. Produced by Loch Ness Productions. $3 in addition to Museum admission.
Saturdays and Sundays 3:30
Type: Planetarium
There is more in the night sky than you can see with your naked eye. Learn how to explore the universe with binoculars and small telescopes without leaving your own backyard. Discover what you can see in the summertime sky from your own backyard.
Schiele Science Café with Dr. Luke Dollar
Thursday, October 2, 6 - 8 PM
Type: Public Program
Gather for a face-to-face lively discussion about intriguing topics with an actual scientist! Ask questions, share opinions, and express ideas with other science lover’s in this relaxed and friendly social environment. No science background is necessary, just bring an open mind! The evening will begin with a round of science trivia, so nerd up! Our guest speaker, Dr. Luke Dollar, conservation scientist, National Geographic Emerging Explorer and head of National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative, will be discussing African predator conservation. Adult beverages available. $5 admission includes one beverage.
Mars / Not Mars Evening Star Party
Saturday, October 4, 7 - 10 PM
Type: Public Program
Mars joins his rival Antares in the autumn sky. Learn how to tell a star from a planet with nothing more than your own eyes. See different kinds of telescopes and talk to their owners about them. Find out what you may need to know if you’re considering a telescope for holiday gift giving. If the weather permits, we’ll look at Mars and other celestial objects with the help of the Charlotte Amateur Astronomy Club. In case of cloudy skies visitors should call 704-866-6908 on October 4 to confirm the event.
Free Tuesday sponsored by Duke Energy - October 14
Tuesday, October 14, 4 - 8 PM
Type: Public Program
Enjoy a late afternoon at the Schiele Museum free of charge! All the museum’s exhibits and Nature Trail will be available for your exploration. At 5 PM enjoy the Schiele Science Show where you attention grabbing demonstrations from across the sciences. Don’t miss a special showing of Skyquest at 7 PM in the James H. Lynn Planetarium.
Unlocking the Great Pyramid
Saturday, October 18, 11 AM - 12 PM and 1 - 2 PM
Type: Public Program
Part 1: Building The Great Pyramid - From The Inside Out Join us for an exciting 2 part presentation by French researcher and architect Jean-Pierre Houdin. Hear the story of his 25 year investigation of Egypt’s Great Pyramid and how such a remarkable structure could have been planned and constructed by an ancient agrarian society. Mr. Houdin will describe an internal ramp system theory that may be a key component in understanding how the pyramid of Khufu was constructed. Lunch at the Schiele. Part 2: Evidence for Still Hidden Treasures Of The Pharaoh Khufu The second section describes the exciting evidence for Pharaoh Khufu’s treasure still being housed in the pyramid. This could be the most exciting discovery in Egyptology in decades!
Frontier Fishing
Sunday, October 19, 1 - 5 PM
Type: Public Program
Discover the world of the frontier fisherman, a time of quiet streams and free-flowing rivers where fishing was for sustenance as well as sport. Displays of handcrafted fishing gear, nets & traps, and artful angling by the pond highlight the event. Watch as experienced interpreters “plank a fish” and prepare other interesting 18th Century fish dishes.
Schiele Trail -O- Treats
Friday, October 24, 6 - 8 PM (5 PM Members only)
Type: Public Program
Enjoy planetarium shows, hands on activities, and collect treats as you explore outdoors along the Schiele Trail-O-Treats. Great for the entire family- kids are encouraged to attend in costume. Be sure to bring your flashlight to light your way along the Schiele Museum Trail of Treats. $5 Members / $7 Non-Members
Backcountry Harvest Day 2014
Saturday, November 22, 10 AM- 4 PM
Type: Public Program
Enjoy an 18th Century version of our contemporary Thanksgiving. Watch as skilled interpreters labor by open hearth and outdoor fires roasting, baking, and stewing a “grand Fare” of traditional delights. See hunters make ready their firearms while swapping stories of the “ones that got away”. Enjoy interacting with costumed interpreters as they go about their activities and festivities.
The Rope yard
Saturday, October 4, 9 AM - 4 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
Ropecraft is an essential skills set for the classic camper and the backwoods engineer. Step into the rope yard to explore the knots, lashing, whippings, splices and strops of the traditional camp. We’ll also craft and use rope making machines, explore some rope “kinks” of the old masters, and apply all these skills to a group pioneering project. $60 Museum Member /$65 Non-Members Call 704-866-6912 to register.
Classic Camp Gourdcraft
Sunday October 5, 9 AM – 4 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
Meals around a traditional woodcraft fire were sometimes eaten from hard-shell gourd utensils manufactured by the campers themselves. In this course we’ll explore the gourd working traditions of Bernard Mason and then craft both a noggin and a trencher using classic tools and techniques in the style of this Grand Master of Woodcraft. $60 Museum Member /$65 Non-Members Call 704-866-6912 to register.
Project WET Workshop 2014
Friday, October 17, 9 AM - 4 PM
Type: Adult Workshop
Get ready for some creek stomping! Project WET is an interdisciplinary water science education program for formal and non-formal educators of K-12 students. The hands-on activities provided in the new Project WET 2.0 full color guide are correlated with the National and State Standards and promote awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of our water resources. This workshop will count as 6 hours of CEU credits or Criteria I for EE certification. Includes activity guide. $30 Museum Member /$33 Non-Members Call 704-854-6676 to register.
REARC Conference 2014
Friday October 17 – Sunday October 19
Type: Adult Workshop
Join us for the 5th Annual Reconstructive & Experimental Archaeology Conference here at Schiele Museum. An international group of archaeologists and primitive technologist meet to share presentations related to our ancestral past. This year’s conference theme is “Experimental Perspectives on Ancient Foodways.” Conference includes presentation of papers, poster sessions and hands-on breakout sessions. For more information or to register contact visit www.rearc.us
How Big? How Far?
Tuesdays – Fridays 3:30 PM Saturdays 11 AM & 2:30 PM Sundays 2:30 PM
Type: Planetarium
How big is our universe? How far away are planets, stars and galaxies? How do we measure these distances? Explore the astronomical possibilities as we measure everything from the size of the Earth to the distance to the farthest galaxies in this original production of the James H. Lynn Planetarium